In this Course You'll Learn

  • How to Overcome The Dark Side of Negotiations

    The fear and anxiety of negotiations encourage salespeople to give away price lose opportunities.

  • To Trade Value For Value With "Yes, If"

    Develop a trading mindset and learn how to trade value for value for a customer. “Yes, I can do this for you, IF you can do that for me.”

  • To Confidently Engage in "Yes, If" Negotiations

    Learn how to build trust, prepare to negotiate, and execute cooperative negotiations unlocking Triple Win Outcomes.

The "Yes, If" Mindset

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Video: Welcome to "Yes, If" Cooperative Negotiations

    • The "Yes, If" Mindset Master Class

    • Brief Welcome Survey

    • Video: Your Negotiation Journey

  2. 2
    • Video: Fear and Anxiety in Negotiations

    • Video: The Dark Side Elements of Negotiation

    • Video: More Dark Side Elements of Negotiations

    • Video: Acquiescence - A Challenging Dark Side Element

    • Knowledge Check #1

  3. 3
    • Video: The Solution Trading Value for Value

    • Video: Defining Trading Value for Value

    • Video: Adding the Words "Yes, If" To Trade Value for Value

    • Knowledge Check #2

  4. 4
    • Video: "Yes, If" Actions

    • Video: Building Trust

    • Video: Prepare

    • Video: A Negotiation Preparation Story

    • Video: Build Your Trading Sheet

    • Exercise: Prepare Your Trading Sheet

    • Video: Execute With Agility

    • Video: Mind the Gaps

  5. 5
    • Share A Testimonial and Andy Will Send You His Book

    • Video: Call To Action

    • More Resources for You

    • Completion Survey

Overcome The Darkside of Negotiations Today

Simple Actions Create Big Results. Take the next step toward negotaition success and confidence by investing in your skills. Create negotiation empowerment today.