Learning Objectives

Extend The "Yes, If" Mindset to Informal Negotiations

  • Recognize

    Informal Negotiations set the stage for formal negotiations. Salespeople must remain diligent and thoughtful to set the proper negotiation expectations. Learn how to recognize when a customer starts an Informal Negotiation with you.

  • React

    How a salesperson reacts to the Informal Negotiation goes a long way in setting the right expectations for future negotiations. Don't acquiesce to your customer. Rather, thoughtfully navigate through informal moments.

  • Respond

    Using "Yes, If" Best Practices, respond to the customer's informal requests and confidently step toward the more formal negotiation with confidence. The "Yes, If" Mindset will help you navigate these important informal negotiation moments.

Mastering Informal Negotiations With "Yes, If"

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Video: Welcome to Informal "Yes, If" Negotiations

    • Informal Negotiations

  2. 2
    • Video: The Informal Negotiation "Trap"

    • Video: Recognizing the Informal Negotiation

    • Video: Informal Questions and Statements

  3. 3
    • Video: Reacting When An Informal Negotiation Comes Your Way

    • Video: Listen and Don't Acquiesce

    • Video: Anticipate and Prepare for Informal Negotiations

    • Audio: Exercise Instructions

    • Exercise: Informal Negotiation Trading Sheet

    • Example: Informal Negotiation Trading Sheet

  4. 4
    • Video: Thoughtfully Respond to an Informal Negotiation

    • Video: Provide a "Yes, If" Trade

    • Video: Tailor Your Response

    • Audio: Exercise Instructions

    • Exercise: Assist | Favor | Request Preparation

  5. 5
    • Share A Testimonial and Andy Will Send You His Book

    • Practice: Informal Negotiation Scenarios

    • Video: Call to Action

    • More Resources for You

Take on Informal Negotiations With Confidence

Simple actions will create big results. Empower yourself with new informal negotiation skills that will help you control your negotiation destiny.