Learning Objectives

Stand and Delivery In Front of Customers

  • Slides as Scaffolds

    Liberate your voice when presenting to customers. Learn how to use slides as scaffolds. You are and will be the star of the show.

  • Best Practices

    Apply simple best practices such as P.O.P.S. | The Rule of Three | and Storytelling to connect and effectively communicate with your audience.

  • Credibility

    Earn credibility and trust from your customers when you shine in front of them. Present with confidence and continue to move your sales agenda forward.

Customer Presentation Excellence

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Customer Presentation Excellence

    • Video: Customer Presentation Excellence

    • Video: Welcome to the Course

  2. 2
    • Video: Slides as Presentation Scaffolds

    • Video: Sales As Scaffolds - Examples

  3. 3
    • Video: POPS

    • Video: P is for Passion

    • Video: O is for Optimism

    • Video: The Second P is for Preparation

    • Video: S is For Self Awareness

    • Video: POPS Exercise

  4. 4
    • Video: The Rule of Three Defined

    • Video: The Rule of Three Examples

    • Video: The Rule of Three Exercise

  5. 5
    • Video: Storytelling in Presentations

    • Video: Storytelling Exercise

  6. 6
    • Video: Conclusion

  7. 7
    • Additional Insights & More Resources

Invest in Your Skills Today

With simple actions you take big steps towards Customer Presentation Excellence. Empower your voice with an investment in your skills.