Learning Objectives

Use The "Yes, If" Mindset to Successfully Manage Negotiations Tough

  • Negotiate With Challenging Customers

    Salespeople face well-trained and challenging customers. Extend The "Yes, If" Mindset to engage in challenging negotiations confidently.

  • Manage Tough Customer Personas

    Successfully navigate the Tough Question Asking, Price Anchor, Constraint, and Disparagement negotiation personas with simple and powerful best practices.

  • Create Triple Win Outcomes

    A cooperative "Yes, If" negotiation, even with a demanding customer, will result in Triple Win Outcomes. Wins for YOU, your CUSTOMERS, and your COMPANY.

Managing Challenging Customers Using Advanced "Yes, If" Tecniques

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Video: Welcome to the Course

    • Advanced Negotiations

    • Video: Recognize, React, & Respond

    • Video: Skills for Salespeople and Sales Leaders

    • Video: Negotiation Numbers & Stories

    • Video: Turn Your Toughest Negotiation Into Your Best

  2. 2
    • Video: Extracting Value By Asking Tough Questions

    • Video: Recognize The Questioning Customer Pattern

    • Video: React to the Customer’s Questioning Style

    • Video: Examples of Tough Customer Questions

    • Video: The Toughest Question

    • Video: Respond by Trading Value for Value Using “Yes, If”

    • Video: Reflections

    • Video: Customer Question Exercise

    • Exercise: Tough Question Customer

  3. 3
    • Video: The Price Anchor Persona

    • Video: Recognize the Price Anchor Customer

    • Video: React to the Price Anchor Customer Persona

    • Video: Respond with “Yes, If” When Price Anchored

    • Video: Go On Offense with Anchors

    • Video: Price Anchor Exercise

    • Exercise: Price Anchor Customer

  4. 4
    • Video: Budget Constraint Story

    • Video: Recognize the Constraint Story

    • Video: React & Respond to the Constraint Story

    • Video: Constraint Customer Exercise

    • Exercise: Constraint Customer

  5. 5
    • Video: Recognize the Disparagement Story

    • Video: React & Respond to Disparagement

    • Video: Disparagement Customer Exercise

    • Exercise: Disparagement Custome

  6. 6
    • Video: Multiple Challenging Personas at the Same Time

    • Video: Course Conclusion

    • Completion Survey

    • Additional Insights

Level the Playing Field With Tough Customers

Be prepared and ready-to-go in your next negotiation. With this training, you'll successfully navigate all the tricks and traps your savvy customers throw your way.